By Afolabi Adetunji Lagos, Nigeria.

After the whole saga of the dismissal of Raneiri, it appeared to be that the players were in high spirit to prove a point in the match against Liverpool last night.

Some football expert expected that Liverpool would come out on top of the game but it never happened. The determination and motivation of Leciester players in the game was phenomenal leaving football fans around the globe questioning their performance and describing it as hypocritical.

A lover of football Fanimo Emmanuel stated that “Having put together an outstanding display against a highly rated and massive club such as Liverpool, then one can be so skeptical about their poor run of form under their former manager.”
Some football pundits say that Leciester display of energy and commitment in the game shows that they had lost confidence in Raneiri. Because when Raneiri was in charge of the team the commitment and zeal was no where to be found.

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On the otherhand Liverpool were poor and gave a lacklustre display. They were mostly predicted to win the match judging by Leciester recent change of managerial role and also their poor performances this season. More so, Leciester are also struggling to come out of the relegation zone.

I have been watching football for a very long time and i don’t think i’ve seen a game where two teams should come off the pitch and hang their heads in shame: Liverpool for how bad they were and Leciester for how good they were on the back of how poor they have been. Just through effort and commitment…”.said Jamie Carragher former Liverpool defender.

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With the brillant performance of Leciester, winning Liverpool by 3 goals to 1, they move from the very bottom of the league and sit in 15th place in the premier league with 24 points while Liverpool have 49 points and are in the 5th position with a point ahead of Manchester United who has 48 points with a game behind.

Manchester United after securing for themselves the glorious EFL cup title against Southampton on Sunday after a terrific display by both teams would be hoping to win their league match against Bournemouth to move quickly on top of Liverpool and hopefully secure a place in the UEFA champions league spot.


Chelsea right now a looking like the league run away leaders and are 10 points ahead of the second place Tottenham Hotspur both having played the a total of 26 league matches each. Chelsea are 11 points ahead of Manchester City and are looking like the potential Premier League winners but the game is left with 12 more matches to actually decide who wins and who the champion would be.

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