By Scroll reporter Lagos, Nigeria.

Roseline chukwuma, Chaz B’s widow said she has forgiven the blogger who defamed her in a story title “Chaz B’s Widow in Sizzling Affair with Nollywood Actor, Daniel K.” The blogger with the link had begged Chaz’s B’s widow admitting that the story was untrue. The blogger said she regretted her unprofessional conduct.

Chaz B’s widow
Late Chaz B

In a retraction the blogger said “We hereby acknowledge a report posted on this blog on July 3, 2016 which reported a sizzling romance between Mrs. Roseline Chinyere Chukuma, the widow of the late famous broadcaster Chaz B, and Nollywood fast-rising star, Daniel Kanayo Daniel popularly known as DKD, that the well circulated story was an error, misleading and untrue.
This blog later discovered that it was misinformed as our sources’ claims could not be substantiated when it became necessary. Our mistake was a blind trust in the sources; and this we regret. Consequent upon the facts available as counter-claims provided by Mrs. Chukuma, we now realise the following:

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• That Chaz B’s widow (Mrs. Chukuma) and Daniel Kanayo Daniel, DKD, have NEVER met. Therefore, the issue of visits to her house or seen together in public places could not have been true.
• That both of them were in Lagos during Valentine and not in Ghana as wrongly reported.
• That Mrs. Chukuma and her daughter, Monalisa, traveled for holiday in Ghana February 16, 2016, two days after Valentine.
• That the aspect concerning her in-laws and financial matters as earlier reported in the story could neither be confirmed nor substantiated as well.

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In the light of aforementioned, her lawyer, Festus Keyamo Chambers wrote to us asking for a retraction, disclaimer and unreserved apology for the embarrassment and negative comments the story had brought on the public image of her client. Likewise, Mrs. Chukuma also petitioned the Police Area ‘M’ Command, Idimu, Lagos, against us over the same matter.

Consequent upon apparent inappropriateness of our unprofessional conduct and lapses in the publication of the story, we therefore tender UNRESERVED APOLOGY to all those mentioned in the story; in particular, Mrs Roseline Chinyere Chukuma, Chaz B’s widow.


For all the moral, psychological, emotional, health and financial losses Mrs. Chukuma might have suffered as a result of the story, we are indeed very sorry as we regret every inconvenience it has brought upon her relationships, business and image. This apology equally extends to the little Monalisa for being projected in the scandalous story innocently.

We wish to formally dissociate this blog from the story henceforth. This DISCLAIMER serves as a notice that anyone that further spreads, quotes or makes references to the story does so at his/her own risk. We are no longer responsible for the story henceforth. Bloggers, journalists and public please take note.”



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