By Tayo Joseph Lagos, Nigeria.

The police in Ondo state dispersed clashing law makers this morning in Ondo state. The clash which almost got out of hand would have led to distruption of peace in the state but the police quickly intervened to bring the situation under control by dispersing them.

The House of Assembly which ordinarily should be a place for lawmakers to meet and make laws to move the state forward was turned to a battlefield. It was free for all fight as a group of lawmakers interrupted the meeting that was going on by the faction supporting the suspended speaker Jumoke Akindele.

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Jumoke Akindele

The two factions threw caution to the winds as they clash over the insistence of those opposed to Akindele, that the speaker had been suspended.How to restore peace to the House of Assembly is a major task before the police as the two factions are said to be aggrieved.


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