By Scroll reporter Lagos, Nigeria.

Scroll report: can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Soso and my twin brother’s name is Lopeks and together we are called Y.P as our stage name. We hail from Rivers state but based in Lagos since childhood.

Lopeks and Soso (Y.P twins)

Scroll report: How did you come across the name Y.P and what does it stand for?

The name Y.P started as a nickname from family and friends around us right from childhood. They saw our performances and talent so the name emerged. The name Y.P stand for Young Prodigy and it simply means young and talented.

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Scroll report: when did you start your music career and how has the road been?

Well we started music at the age of 9 and for us the road has been good and sometimes rough just like any other enterprise. But because of the passion driving us we are strong and optimistic. But in all we thank God.

Scroll report: How many songs have you released and what song are you working or set about to release?

We have released close to 15 songs and we are still counting. Currently we are planning to drop a new song titled “Le” produced by Dwill.

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Scroll report: How many producers have you worked with?

we have worked with prolific and reknowned producers like Fliptyce, Kiddominant, Dwill, Teepiano and Bmyne among other producers.

Scroll report: Where do you see yourself in the future and what are your goals or aims?

Talking about the future, i see the future as any moment from now and not a long period of time. But in the future, we hope and desire to see ourselves on top in the music Industry both home and abroad and a music group to reckon with worldwide.

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Facebook: Soso Prince yp, Lopeks Teo yp

Twitter: @yptwins

Instagram: @soso_yp and @Lopeks_yp