Titilayo Femi Kings Impact Story on Human Capital, Youth Development and Sustainable Development in Across the Globe


Meet Titilayo Femi Kings (TFK), a passionate transformational leader making a difference across the globe!

TFK’s professional journey began as an Undergraduate in 2003 at the Federal University of Technology Akure Ondo State Nigeria and later became the Student Information Officer of the same Institution in 2009. Over the years, he has grown to become the Co-founder/ Director of Operations at Lead Transformation Initiative Nigeria (www.leadinitiative.org), Chief Catalyst at Transformation Space United Kingdom (UK) and the Senior Pastor of Christ Apostolic Church Kingsrealm (https://www.cackingsrealmglobal.org)  (Nigeria and United Kingdom). In his career so far, he has positively impacted over 10,000 lives including youths, rural farmers, women, and children. He spreads his transformational messages through revivals, conferences, seminars, workshops, awareness campaigns, in-class and hands-on training sessions.

His mandate from God is to raise people whose spirit receives; mind conceives and their hands perform with a vision statement to raise transformed minds that will drive sustainable developments in both rural and urban communities across the globe. Through projects focusing on Human Capital Development, Gender Inclusion, Youth Development, and Rural Community Development, TFK uses Transformational Education and Climate Smart Agriculture as powerful tools to turn these visions into reality. He has been diligently committed to these visions through the following projects:


School of Ideation (a one week in-class training)

This is a transformative short course where TFK has trained 304 youths on process of ideation, 98 of them moved to incubation while 29 of them have commenced sustainable projects and enterprise.


Sustainable Development Bootcamp (a six month in-class training and hands-on training)

TFK has used this six-month agric-inclined transformative program to train 201 youths on agribusiness development curriculum from which 43 startups have emerged mostly along the agricultural value chains.

Some beneficiaries of his vision


More Than Certificate

This is an annual campus training and seminar where TFK has trained over 3,000 university students on entrepreneurial skills for startups, fostering innovative ventures on campus and essential world of work skills. He has mentored up to 500 final year students, and awarded grants up to 2 million naira for the most innovative student-owned businesses, including an all-expense-paid trip to Rwanda.


Some of the beneficiaries of MTC program


Youth Grow Natural

TFK has trained over 420 youths on practical agroforestry and most of these Youths are now actors in food system and climate actions across the Globe.



TFK has exposed more than 2200 high school students to career opportunities in agriculture with the implementation of an ongoing fully funded 3 hectares school farm using Climate Smart Agricultural practices, 193 of these students are presently pursuing careers in agriculture in various tertiary institutions in across the Globe.


Mariwo Natural

TFK has trained 33 rural farmers in Mariwo community of Ifedore Local Government, Ondo state of South-west of Nigeria on Agroforestry and 30 rural farmers in Apomu community who are now using the knowledge acquired on their respective farms to produce food and to combat climate change. The rural farmers and TFK produced over 12000 trees seedlings and planted all to offset carbon in Ondo State.

Agrogender Development

TFK with his wife Titilayo Kemi Kings (TKK) have exposed 500 women to agroforestry and agricultural value chains development in both Ondo State and Osun State. In 2020, the project trained the women on financial literacy and business management to make them withstand the effects of COVID 19 and they were given soft loan. Today we have over 133 of these women running and leading their own agric businesses.


Gender RIDE

The GenderRIDE project got TFK and TKK training 2230 high school students in Nigeria on sexual reproductive health and right from which 395 female students from two high schools got hands on training on reusable sanitary pad production to reduce absenteeism in school during their menstrual period.


Smart Farmers Kids

Rural children where not left out of TFK’s impact story, as he provided educational support services covering various areas, including ICT, career path development and personal hygiene kits for 84 rural children. Who are better off with improved self-esteem and a clear vision of their future career paths. This has now metamorphosis into a Glocal Nursery, Primary and Secondary School—Just Once Model College in Ondo State of Nigeria.


Student Leaders Development Training and Tournaments (SLEDT)

Transformational leadership is a strong burden in the heart of TFK which has motivated him to train over 750 Student leaders across campuses in Nigeria, South Africa, Rwanda, Kenya, India and United Kingdom offering them his designed transgenerational curriculum on quality leadership, green campus development, peaceful and productive advocacy, sustainability and continuity in governance and also sustainable agri-enterprise development.

Impact speaks, SLEDT beneficiaries

Kingsrealm Agricity

TFK is currently reforesting 100 hectares of degraded forest in Ondo state government forest reserve, working hand in-glove with government, rural farmers and youths using Climate Smart Agricultural Practices. So far about 40,000 indigenous and exotic tree species have been planted  alongside 5 hectares of tomatoes plantation with 30 hectares of maize plantation going on simultaneously using the agroforestry concept.


 Christ Apostolic Church Kinsgrealm

Through divine guidance of the Holy Spirit, TFK is leading an apostolic work causing transformation to the spirit, mind and hands of his members in both the UK and Nigeria branches of the church. He has been helped by God to start the first Christ Apostolic Church in the North East of England.

Beneficiaries of his spiritual blessings



Parental Breakthrough Book and Summit

As a parenting and family life coach, he has authored books and held series of conferences and seminars on parenting and raising of godly children across the globe. His depth of revelation about parenting has earned him the honor of being a regular guest speaker at parent and mother’s summits especially the annual CAC good women’s conference in Ikeji-Arakeji Nigeria, and Mothers Summit with Pastor Funke-Felix Adejumo where he continues to inspire and empower parents with valuable insights and guidance.

Save To Fly

Through this scheme, TFK has provide financial support for 35 individuals to actualize their dream of studying and living abroad.


Family Safety Summit UK

TFK with the Family Safety Summit has trained and supported about 52 families coming into the United Kingdom from Afro-Caribbean communities to have soft landing, smooth integration and guidance to avoid pitfalls around being a careless parent in the UK. This pragmatic action has strengthened Family bonds and reduced rate of abduction of African children by Children Social Workers especially in Middlesbrough.


Kingsrealm Food Mart

Through this brain child of his, Africans living in the UK now have alternatives to get their cravings for African food satisfied.


Kinsgrealm Media Live Studio

TFK has utilized various media platforms such as FUTA radio, Orange FM, OSRC, NTA, Rwandan TV among others, to broadcast his transformation messages and promote reformation. Through impactful programs like “House of Opinion” and “Life Champions,” he has seen the undebatable influence of media. Now, he is leveraging this knowledge to establish his own internet audio-visual studio—Kingsrealm media Live Studio (www.kingsrealmmedia.org).

This is his Story of 45 years living and 20 years of Impact…Trusting God to help him do more.


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