Splash Fm: The Climax of An Era of Lies by Victor Eniola MARK


Left to me, I would have ignored the urge to respond to the unfortunate lies being spread on social media by the station i was opportuned to breathe life into in the last few months.
This is because i was hoping that a silent exit via a mutual understanding could happen without necessarily burning the bridge.
I really hoped that i could hold on to my personal principles for public interest and greater good by leaving silently. However, the unending calls and text from well wishers who had read claims and counter-claims have proven to me that lies and misnomer when repeatedly asserted with gusto tend to take on the toga of truth.
Like Chimamanda said during a speech, there is a great danger in the single story.
She further explained that when you keep painting a picture of someone or some people, that is what they become.
That is what those charged with the hachet job to damage the hard-earned reputation of Victor Eniola Mark seek to achieve.
What bothers me is that a station that prides itself as an integrity station would lie so effortlessly.
Now i understand why management staff of Splash Fm were unceremoniously arrested at the Ibadan Station earlier this year.
*Is it not surprising that board members and key management staff of ‘the  integrity station’ still have a case to answer at the EFCC as i write?*
I urge the management of Splash to immediately rebrand and stop playing on the intelligence of unsuspecting public by referring to themselves as an integrity station.
This is because for one, Victor Eniola MARK was never an employee of Splash Fm or Her Parent Company.
The truth is, Victor Eniola MARK is the Managing Director of Coded Media and Allied Concepts Limited; the company charged with oversight functions over Splash 106.7 FM, Abeokuta.
Hence, at no point did Splash ever have a direct signed contract with Victor Eniola MARK.
The only thing West midlands Communications can do is to request for a termination of contract with Coded Media and Allied Concepts Limited.
Up until this minute, I have not received any official correspondence from Splash Fm or it’s parent company.
It is, therefore, worrisome that a station which prides herself as an integrity station will go ahead to announce termination of an appointment that never existed; especially via a letter that is yet to be received whether in hard or soft copy.
What exist is a contract with Splash Fm Abeokuta and a company i am a significant shareholder of which till this minute is yet to be officially terminated.
That is not to say that SPLASH FM has not breached the agreement over an again.
CODED MEDIA AND ALLIED CONCEPTS LIMITED has decided to serve them a notice of termination of contract true this substituted means.
I am perturbed by this lie because the Managing Director of the Company that owns Splash Fm is a lawyer and should know better.
It is clear that the main purpose of the publicity stunt is an attempt to rescusitate the untimely death that stares the station in the face.
It is probably their hope that the constant mention of my name on their medium will gain them some audience; the same reason they went into contract with Coded Media and Allied Concepts Limited.
Unfortunately, the game is up. Humans are thinking being and they understand how funny it sounds that you sacked your pioneer Head of Station on a Saturday evening after a medium has published his exit.
What is also funny is the fact that the disclaimer initially posted online first bore September and later August.
I also learnt that what was posted on their door bore Monday which they later had to hurriedly change to “today” with a biro inscription.
This shows how messy and unprepared they are. It also puts a question mark on the level of intelligence of those charged with the ‘hachetman-job’.
Someone should tell Splash Fm that they should stop all these rubbish talk and try to focus more on reviving their dying image.
Truth is, I may be forced to take legal actions to make them do the needful and apologize for the willful defamation of my good character and the many lies.
The fact remains that a reasonable amount of people all left on the same day.
Another incontrovertible fact is that, Irrespective of the disclaimer, CODED MEDIA AND ALLIED CONCEPTS LIMITED team was priviledged to create and sustain the content and structure that made it possible for a radio station that started commercial operations during a COVID-19 Pandemic and resultant total lockdown in Ogun State at some point to begin to buy diesel (worth over 900,000naira) in the second month of commercial operations and break even (Pay Monthly salaries worth over 2.3Million + Diesel and Generator Servicing of over a million) in the fourth month of commercial operation.
This is not to mention the fact that apart from four desk top computers, All other Computers, Printers and UPS and even the only official Car the company has now was brought about by CODED MEDIA AND ALLIED CONCEPTS LIMITED’s innovative steps.
During the lockdown and in the spirit of love, CODED MEDIA AND ALLIED CONCEPTS LIMITED also provided mobility for all members of staff to and fro the office with another Car at no cost.
This car was practically used for about two months free of charge.
It is unfortunate that the station would not only show clearly that they *ARE NO WHERE CLOSE TO BEING AN INTEGRITY STATION* but also an ingrate.
For those who i may not be able to speak with in person, i hope you have a clear picture now.
More importantly, expect a couple of good news and valuable appointments from me in a not-too-distant future.

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