Compendium on Zulum a resourceful document on history


Professor Danjuma Gambo of University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID) has said
that the presented compendium on Governor Babagana of Borno state, are
resourceful documentation of history of state.
According to him, the First Verdict, A Compendium comprises news
reports and analysis, features, commentaries, editorials, selected
speeches and scorecard of Prof. Zulum’s first year in office.
Gambo made the declarations Monday in Maiduguri, while reviewing the
299 page presented Compendium with 336 items and 495 photographs.
“This compendium, is what I would call a smart, quick but also a
thorough and resourceful documentation of history,” he said.
He added that it is chronically styled with all materials sorted out
according to dates of publications, including news media’s mast heads
and names of authors.
He explained that the compendium, enables anyone to verify the
credibility of the publications, by what the Professor described as;
“to simply search online or in the archives of the news sites.”
He therefore, confirmed that the publications in the compendium are in
their original forms, as published by the news outlets.
Gambo, who was visibly excited over the compendium; however noted: “I
was highly impressed when I saw that the compendium entertained some
stories that were critical of the Governor, including one by the
“Because of their journalism background, compilers objectively
collated all the key items relevant to the Governor’s first year in
office,” noting that most of them favoured him.
He said the Nigerian media are reputable for their fiery and sometimes
antagonistic disposition towards political office holders, regardless
of their unprecedented nature.
This is why, he said the compendium reflects what the media
independently reported without censorship.
According to him, the compendium justifies the title, FIRST VERDICT
and a resourceful documentation of history.
While speaking on content of compendium, he said: “It contains 336
items published by newspapers, television, radio stations and online
media,” adding that it also contains 495 photographs and 17 info
graphics organized into 17 thematic sections.
He said there are also transcripts of the Zulum’s one year anniversary
media chat with leading local, national and international journalists.
“The Governor also shared his experiences, while compiling the
compendium,” he said.
While reviewing various sections of compendium, he said: “The second
section is on security with the highest number of articles (58),
comprising symbolic pieces of evidence of the war against Boko Haram
He said that Borno, the nation and neighbouring countries of Niger,
Chad and Cameroon, had been battling terrorists since 2009.
On one of the three sections on security, he said: “The third contains
some discussions, which include one of the most regarded referenced
researches on the origins of the Boko Haram, authored by Audu Bulama
Bukarti, a Ph.D candidate at University of London.
He said there are other analyses of how the Boko Haram generate funds
through fish and red pepper trades in northern Borno, stating that;
“And how the rainy season helps their war tactics.”
According to him, stakeholders, the military and neighboring countries
affected by insurgency will these accounts resourceful.
While the section on religion and spiritual war, he added, contains
eight articles on how the Governor adopted multi-pronged approach of
fighting insurgency in the state.
Other sections of the compendium, he further disclosed include
humanitarian engagements and activities, post conflict reconstruction,
housing and infrastructure, education, healthcare delivery and
sustaining the environment, politics and governance.
The President and Editor in Chief for the Special Presentation, Nosa
Igiebor also declared Zulum, and the Governor of the Year.
In his brief remarks, Governor Zulum thanked the media for its
recognitions of his performances and leadership within 12 months to
become Governor of the Year.
“We give accounts of good leadership with trust and transparency to
the Al-mighty God,” he said.
He further pledged to remain committed to the people with trust,
transparency and accountability in delivering dividends of democracy.
“We will continue to partner with journalists, particularly the ones
that have remained with us during the over a decade long insurgency,”
he said

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