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In this technologically advanced era, it is no longer news that social media platforms has paved way for improved communication, connections, promotions, advertisements, Job opportunities and spreading of information to it users. These Social media platforms have helped a lots of businesses, companies, brands to make progress and also boosting their niche in the global market.

Social media not only have impact on an individual’s business, personality and family life but also on one’s behaviour. The degree of this impact boils down to each individual.

Has Social media been of a benefit to you or does it cause more distraction than attraction?. It is worth noting that social media has tremendously had so much positive effect and impact on our political, economical, socio-cultural and technological lives. But when it becomes an addiction that we overlook or neglect some other important or urgent responsibilities, it becomes a problem and a distraction.

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If we become overly reliant on connecting with people we have barely seen or have weak bonds with that we neglect those with whom we socialize in our physical everyday lives then, it is an indicator that you are giving too much of preferences to social media than the real world.

Social media can make it more difficult for us to distinguish between the meaningful relationships we foster in the real world, and the tremendous casual relationships formed as a result of social media. By focusing so much of our time and resources on these less meaningful relationships, our physical relationships will likely to be affected.

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Unfortunately some people cannot conceal their  emotions that they impulsively give out some of their sensitive information online which in turn make them susceptible to fraudsters and invaders. Some Social media users find it difficult to conceal their personal and vital information and they just let the cat out of the bag whenever they are over excited. They cannot control or restrain themselves from their emotions and they make themselves vulnerable to the hacking of their accounts and exposing themselves to perpetrators.

However, social media has done more good than harm and its stupendous positive impact cannot be overemphasized more so it has served as a medium for information. In a flash, this information spreads to virtually every part of the world in a very quick manner. These are remarkable landmark in the world networking, business and communication.

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