By Lucwall Tech Lagos, Nigeria

It has become important in the 21st century that creating an online presence for your business or brand can be a key factor to the success of your niche. Recently One of the social media platforms has come close to recording over 2 billion world users. People and Organisations are beginning to see the essence and the effectiveness of digital marketing as millions of people across the globe are engaging themselves with the internet daily through their mobile phones, pads, laptops e.t.c. Even if you have a rented place or a place of your own for your business, giving it an online presence would incredibly increase the number of people that would know and get familiar with your product and services.

5 tips that will make your social media marketing presence felt are Consistency, Patience, Conciseness, Meticulousness and Uniqueness. I have made more clarity on these tips below.


#1: Be consistent
If you want your targeted audience to pay attention to you, then this is a vital step you must endeavour to take for your niche to grow. Repetition is the law of everlasting remembrance so to speak so why not continue to hammer your point so your audience can pay attention to you. Learn to post regularly to your social media pages to create awareness for your product or services.

#2: Be patient
If you desire to have your product in the mind of your audience, you must learn to be patient with the whole process. By perseverance the snail reached the ark. Time and time again your posts are being ignored by people. They skip past them without hitting the like botton or dropping comments. Dont be discouraged overtime they will get used to your niche and would find something someday that would captivate their minds and it will leave a lasting effect on them.


#3: Be Concise
There are millions and thousands of posts making waves and hovering on your audiences social media walls. In that case why not try to be brief in your explanation or in introducing your niche. There is a saying that you only have one chance to make a good first impression. So be concise with your posts or contents rather than being verbose.

#4: Be meticulous
Having been posting your services and products, you want to be sure if they got to the targeted audience or not. You want to know is your posts in return are productive. Just posting on the social media isn’t enough but the conversion rate is your main aim and should be your main objective. After all every one marketing a product wants to make money or wants tangible or intangible results for his or her efforts.There are online marketing tools available for the monitoring of your social media platforms and other online marketing platforms. Avail yourself of getting the tools you can use to measure your success.

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#5: Be Unique
It is good to learn from someone who is in the same line of ones business career but it is not healthy to copy. Everyone is created with uniqueness if you doubt me ask yourself why do we all have different finger prints. Why is there nobody that think exactly the way you do? Its all because we are unique in every way. So accept your own self for who you are and dont be an immitation of someone else. A life of immitation is a life of limitation. Offer your own intrinsic services and products in your own natural way but be polite.

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