KayFarm Estate Glorifies GOD with Mega Praise


Let Everything That Has Breath Praise The LORD. Praise GOD.

It was a night of thanksgiving and praise at the Chief Rotimi Williams Estate popularly known as K-Farm Estate, Iju – Ishaga Lagos-Kingdom Lens, GODSPOWERPROJECT

On Tuesday, the 20th of December 2022, as the world renowned gospel artist and Evangelist, Tope Alabi, with mass Choir from different denominations led the residents, families and diverse Kingdom friends in sessions of praise and thanksgiving to give to give glory to GOD for HIS faithfulness and mercy all through the year 2022

The second edition of their annual Thanksgiving and Praise series, which also doubled as the Estate’s 10th End of Year Party Anniversary, was held at the Estate open field.

The event was heralded with Children’s Funtime by 3pm and lasted till the Red carpet arrivals at 5pm.

The End of Year affair saw residents came together across different faith and ethnic diversity, to celebrate the LORD GOD of all creation. And one by one, groups of spirit filled Choirs from various ministries took turns to glorify GOD on the open platform stage setup at KayFarm Estate field

Each group maximized this annual opportunity of divine expression; Christians had their prayer time, followed swiftly by Muslims prayer, then came the Praise and Worship session which continued until the Opening remarks by the Chairman of Planning Committee, Mr. Omololu Akinwande.
For more than 4 hours, different groups ministered in their respective capacities and cultures- from GOD’S-time Drama Ministry to Beatrixx Dance Academy, then the Winners Choir and JLM Choir, including the RCCG Choir, MFM Choir, along with Rhema Choir and Igbo Praise Group, all creatively expressed their appreciative praise to GOD.

The planning Chairman, Omololu Akinwande, emphasized on the need for all to come together to live in love’
Our End of Year Thanksgiving and Praise is fantastic. This Estate is a community of diverse ethnic groups that that is reflective of the Nigerian state. We live in love, unity of purpose, peace and harmony, both faith have one main focus, which is coming together to appreciate and thank GOD.
If GOD has given you grace to live, you must appreciate GOD for that. Thanksgiving is not meant to be a yearly thing, but a daily affair.”
He went on to encourage Nigerians “not to mind the challenges faced, even in the midst of challenges, we should find a way to drop them and focus on GOD. And whenever you find yourself in a community, let us live together as family and stand up for ourselves
.” He asserted.

Chief Rotimi Williams Estate sits on a vast expanse of land, formerly used just for farming, but systematically transformed into affluent neighborhood, which is now home to several thousands- including families and institutions; from businesses to schools and even hotels.
Next year, the event is projected to include a trade fair, as a means to bond more as happy, caring and loving people.


Chairman of Residents Association and long time resident, Pastor Obezua Orhewere, briefly discussed humble beginnings of the estate to massive transformation while giving glory to GOD.
We call it End of Year Mega Praise, the maiden edition was last year, this is the second. Looking at the journey from Basic farmlands to massive residential buildings, we felt regardless of ethnic and religious faith, we ought to collectively praise GOD. Take a look at our Planning Committee Chairman, who has just returned from the World Cup in Qatar, still dressed in their garb, here to join in praising GOD.
When we started, it was end of year party, then we thought it wouldn’t be right. Let us come and thank him for being alive and doing very well instead of just coming to eat. Those drinking alcohol and beer in the corners will always come back to join us in praise
.” Obezua comically stated.Fun loving Omolara Orogun, the Estate Resident Association Treasurer gleefully described the occasion as “an interesting mother of all events, as different choirs came together to create an heavenly atmosphere on earth. It’s not a new concept but it’s a great way to wish everyone Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Another estate landlord and stakeholder, Morayo Durojaiye, an engineer who moved in last year, described KayFarm as ‘a colony’ and says “being alive is the greatest gift“.
I want to encourage individuals to find time to appreciate GOD, which is the only way to defeat the devil. In the presence of GOD is fullness of joy, the moment you’re sad the devil is happy.”

One of the founding members of the Estate Stakeholders Association, whose family initiated the End of Year PartyElder Felix Olaluwoye was full of praises to GOD, as he shared the story behind the annual KayFarm Thanksgiving and Praise Concert.
We know my family started it in 2010, my wife was Chairman of committee before we stopped to reorganize. I feel elated because we were very few. I used to mobilize people to come for meeting, we were less than 10, but today we are more than 2, 000. My message, is to show love among ourselves and cooperate so that our objectives will be achieved. We suffered in the beginning, especially in terms of electricity, but residents cooperated, and that’s why we call our Estate “Land of Peace”, we support one another and show love. I ensure that no tribal differences, because we have members who have sacrificed and are no more,. To the glory of GOD we secured this place and we ensure our security personnel are happy so as to discharge their duties appropriately. I organized the first and second elections to produce our first executives. Every member of this estate is very supportive, we are one.”Children from Beatrixx Dance Academy showcased a brilliant performance, which earned them ‘major highlights‘ for many in attendance.
The event came during a surge in political vitriol between candidates of the 2023 Presidential elections, but that did less to dampen the spirit of unity within residents of the Estate.

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Even though no food, you can see the joy and celebration in the air, as from next year we will return to cooking and sharing meals. As Nigerians, irrespective of religious, ethnic, and political affiliations, we can live together as a family, the more the merrier. Nigeria needs not divide to experience peace and unity. What we need is a proper, effective, government where we embrace true federalism, which will bring about progress and employment opportunities in abundance. Some level of insecurity can be eradicated when we embrace practical federalism. Purposeful and pragmatic leadership will take us where necessary” were the choice words of Barrister Oyewale Freeman, a resident landlord who moved into KayFarm in December 2006.

Foremost Environmental Impact Assessment Expert and Living Faith PastorDr. Benard Omoyeni, also member of the Mega Praise planning Committee, was most excited as the occasion pertains to all about GOD and as such, wasted no time to express himself.
In the atmosphere of HIS presence is where anything can happen. Once you succeed in bringing HIS presence, HIS presence terminates all issues and mountains. It is time to appreciate who HE is, what HE has done, and what HE will yet do. What we have done here today is gather divergent people to praise GOD in different ways. This is much more bigger and better, and the variety is more than last year’s

Tope Alabi prayerfully began her ministration to a charged and cheering audience and continued until almost midnight, when the organizers had to call it a day for the closing benediction to the dismay of supercharged partiers.
A member of the planning committee, Kolade Fagade, a 12-year-resident and exco of the Estate was happy to see a wonderful turnout and promised next year will be bigger.
Being alive is the reason for this, we appreciate GOD for HIS love and pray to continue to grow together in peace and harmony“.


In the same vein, Kingdom Lens Channel spoke with the immediate past ChairmanPastor Seyi Adeyemi who praised GOD for the success of the day and also the energy of the performers, especially noting how the ballet performance by Beatrixx Dance Academy was ‘spectacular
We initiated the last, but this is spectacular than last year’s. Quite unique, this Estate is a mini Lagos where we have been able to demonstrate that different ethnic groups can live together, the balley by Beatrixx Kids was spectacular, my message to everyone is to make sure you are relevant and active in the community you live. In case, your family may be faraway but your neighbors are around you always and could be close than your family members in time of emergency. A night such as this speaks volume of the unity and peace we enjoy in this estate.”

He submitted that the Praise of tonight provides the platform for the manifestation of the majestic presence full of glory and power. We are assured 2023 shall be better and bigger in all ramifications.