Rainy Season Blues

Unlike what obtains in Europe and the Americas, where you have seasons such as Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter: annual seasons in the tropical regions of the globe are basically dry season which runs from October to February: while rainy or wet season commences from March right to September, sometimes extending to early November. These two alternating seasons are what makes life go round for every living organism, humans inclusive.

This article will however dwell on the current season which is the wet season. The Creator through nature has so programmed things in such a way, that if only man would learn to adapt accordingly, follow the rhythm, then we would be the better for it.

Just as a coin has two sides, so does the rainy or wet season have its advantages and disadvantages

Rainy season is undoubtedly an harvest period, from yams, cocoyams, a whole wide range of fruits and vegetables. Large reserve of fishes within inland water ways, swamps, lakes, lagoons, rivers and even deep seas, this is as a result of expansion and rising of water basin, thus giving the fishes room to roam, feed and even multiply. A visit to the coastal areas around August will reveal lots of smoked fish, cray fish, lobsters, crabs, oysters and the like on display for sale: thanks to rainy season. Rainy season also prepares the ground for next planting season, as the receding rains usually leave behind a moist soil.


Rainy season also provides a reservoir of life-giving water to trees and other plants well into the dry season, such that even when they shed their leaves, such trees remain standing and alive.
With the rains come increased or replenished sand volumes in coastal areas where people make a living from sand dredging for building purposes.
For areas blessed with alluvial diamonds, rainy season is usually the best time to prospect for this expensive natural endowment, which a times forms a major foreign exchange earner for countries so blessed.

Rains are known to have caused massive flooding of cities, towns, villages, leaving in its wake destruction of lives and property, some of them irreversible: from dams, bridges, farm lands, factories, residential buildings, schools, good roads, all could be washed away by flooding occasioned by rain.

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Mosquito parasites are known to incubate more during rainy season, as stagnant waters in gutters, un cleared bushes form beautiful homes for mosquitoes to breed insulting in malaria fever, a disease that continues to ravage Africa, and other population within the tropical belt of the world.

As human activities must of necessity go on, rain or not, the level of exposure to the effect of rain also comes with its own problems. For instance, colds and catarrh are very common during this period. So also is arthritis among the aged population, Asthma too, even athletic foot.


To cope effectively with the season however, the following tips come handy:
Ensure the use of rain coats or mackintosh to cover the head and the body: warm cloths should be worn.

Never expose your feet to rains, but make use of rain boots, or rubber shoes, which abound and affordable.

Take warm bath after each exposure: and of course hot beverages, preferably hot water with lemon. For those without allergy or stomach ulcer, spicy soups will also help.
Rainy season is not a curse, rather, our preparations before it sets in, and our readiness and ability to adapt ones it comes are all we need to savour the immense benefits of this season nature has kindly bestowed upon mankind.
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