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Online marketing can either be harnessed using inbound marketing or outbound marketing. What is inbound marketing?. Inbound marketing is a way of selling or creating awareness of your product and services in a segemented and personalized manner. Inbound marketing is a method that can be used to get directly to your client or audience and not some unrelated audience that do not take value in what your product and services is all about. Hilariously inbound marketing is like giving to Ceasar what is to Ceasar.

For instance, i like fashion and someday i just quickly surf the internet for a quick link on fashion and along the line i was hit by an advert on how to bake cake. Naturally i will feel irritated. Reason is that i have no interest in cake baking but if it were advert related to fashion then it will get my attention if not all. That just an illustration about outbound marketing as constrast to Inbound marketing.

Many Marketers are indifferent about the kind of audiences their advertisements get to. If the they are intrested or not is not their business though. And overtime it has been observed that people get curious about things they no nothing about but if they lack interest the curiousity will soon vanish. Poking people will all sort of display advert that is unsolicited for is as good as spam. Imagine a person trying to make haste while searching for a vital information online and such a person does not have time to waste and suddenly gets a pop up display advert that was not requested for at that crucial moment.

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The inevitable thingis thatthe individual will skip pass the advert without second thought or paying attention to it. Some online Marketers display adverts in such a way that they link the individual to the web page of the product or services. There is only one thing that would be in the mind of that particular web user and that’s irritation. And the aim of the marketer is not achieved.

Display advert or marketing is one of tremendous ways and medium of promoting and boosting your business but should not have to be done aggressively and irrationally. We are all human with interest and anything we dont have interest in, we overlook or ignore. Although we can develop interest as human no doubt but when a person develops interest in a thing he becomes curious and he finds for himself where to find the answers to his curiousity depending on how strong his desire is and doesn’t need anyone to develop or find interest for him or her.


One of the worst thing a marketer of a product finds difficult to take is the abandoning of their product. But your product cannot be abandoned if it faces the faces of the right people. How can you do that?

First and foremost, know your audience or client, having done that use segmentation to group separate and organise the list of your audiences according to their age, location, interest which is very important and also if they had been an ongoing customers, then you also need an analysis of their purchase journey or buyer journey on your website or through your salesperson. This is because some persons might have made a purchase of your product that they do not need a reminder of purchase of a product they already acquired from you. They already know you have the product. What they need is introduction of a new product or merchandise for sale or some sort of special offers or incentives.


Personalisation of your messages, mails, posts is an essential ingredient to having your customers or lead feel accepted, comfortable and important. Afterall one of man deepest drive is the desire to be appreciated, honoured and accepted. Simply including in your messages “Dear name of the recipient” goes a long way in telling your recipient that they are important.

Display marketing or other medium of marketing can be carried out successfully when one religiously keep to the principles of inbound marketing. Bearing in mind that your messages must get to it targeted audiences.

Outbound marketing is likely capable of achieving result but Inbound marketing is exponentially capable of achieving even greater result.

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