By Solomon Abutoh, Nigeria      





“The Life of Man is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, short” (Thomas Hobbles 1651) Going by the World Health Organization (WHO) definition of health, proper recognition is given the tripartite nature of man (spirit, soul and body).

Disease conditions therefore manifest along above lines of man’s nature, some physical as in wounds, while others could be less physical in origin (as in emotional cases) yet are capable of altering human behaviour and or attitudes.

Mental Health could also be caused by Excessive alcohol use Drug abuse i.e. marijuana, cocaine, Heroine e.t.c.
Sudden unpleasant news (as in death of loved one) Manipulation of the human spirit by means beyond the physical Amnesia (memory loss due to aging).

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Whatever doubt, unbelief or stigma man may ascribe to mental health the fact, incontrovertible at that remains, there are people, irrespective of their educational, professional, social background, who just cannot explain why they do some of the things they do or say. Sadly, populations south of the Sahara only recognize a mental case when the subject or victim starts going about in tattered clothes, picks or scavenges the dustbin for food, or even completely nude on the streets.

Because mental disorders manifest in stages or phases, there are people of high professional/social standing, saddled with critical decision-making positions or responsibilities who in the process determine the fate of hundreds, thousands, if not whole nations. Persons such as Doctors, Nurses, Pilots, Judges, Political leaders, Bankers, Ship Captains, Personal/commercial drivers, handlers of light to heavy weapons, nuclear weapons inclusive.

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There is a strong need to subject classes of persons enumerated above, and indeed every other person to periodic psychiatric examination to determine and or assess their mental state.
WHO Statistics reveal that 322 million suffer depression worldwide. 800,000 persons commit suicide worldwide annually. 17 of such cases were reported in Nigeria within the month of March, 2017 alone, age bracket ranges between 15-44.

In a situation where an otherwise qualified pilot of a European Airline deliberately brings down the plane on mountains, killing himself and all passengers on board; a Nigerian male medical Doctor simply parks his car on third mainland bridge in Lagos, takes a dive into the lagoon (Body found floating after three days). Obviously show that mental health is indeed a very serious, critical issue.
Mental abnormalities may be subtle in manifestation, it is a condition that is no fiction, but REAL. To be fore warned is to be fore armed.


Mental conditions may be subtle in coming, it is a condition that is no fiction, but REAL. To be fore warned is to be fore armed.