The Entrepreneur’s Journey with TobbyTech


MIRACLE- GOD’S Response To Our Faith

How did you begin your entrepreneur journey?

Last year when I finished service. I served at Ibadan, it wasn’t easy after service when the allawee stopped coming in, you understand, and l didn’t have any other source of living. Just that l have learnt this work before going to school. Thank GOD for that, because if not for that I would be suffering by now.

When did you learn it?

That was 2016 when I was running my ND program, PT.
While I was doing PT I was learning also. I’ve even finished learning before finishing my ND program.
So when I went for my HND program I did full-time. Thank GOD for the work when l was in school I would do one or two for people, you know, fix screens for different people. When we were doing our project, they told us we need flashdrives, CD, and l collected money from my classmates, ran to Ikeja, to buy them. You understand, because nobody will give you money from home. If you call home that ‘please l need something’ they’ll just be giving you different story. You might even be needing 20 thousand and they’ll be sending you 2thousand, 3 thousand. That one cannot do anything, but as a guy man you gats double your huzzle.


Life after Service

Thank GOD sha, when I finished service I searched for work normal normal. We carry our kpally look for work up and down. I studied Business Administration at YabaTech. The journey has been well sha we thank GOD. All the work l was offered l didnt like the pay at all. Some of them will be offering 30 thousand, 45, 40k. I was like which kain payment be this one.
The little that l saved from while l was serving you understand, family and friends. When I told one or two people also they gave me the little they can offer also I got this place.The Entrepreneur’s Journey

Even when I started i did not even have gen. You know there’s no way in my own type of work here thsy you won’t use gen. So if I have work now, at times l run to my boss’s place in Obawole to fix the phone, take bike, go-come. Around two months later i got my own gen. Even when i started this roof was not there. It was later that i said ‘GOD has done it again so i have to make everything look decent, but ha, the journey is not easy.
I started last year i thank GOD.
Maybe its because GOD didn’t want me to suffer that’s why he let me because I was learning it as a joke then. I learnt on a normal level of dey play and thank GOD for life this is where we are now


Biggest Challenge You’ve Been Facing

You know I’m not a robot and I’m not a machine there’s no way you’ll fix 7 phones. There are some phones that if you fix them now the screen might even break and you have to buy another screen for the customer. You break it you buy it. And the quality of materials they brought to us in this country is not that good. Some are not that okay. Some let me say 60 percent okay. You can fix some today and tomorrow the owner brings it back that the screen is shaking without falling. These are things we normally go through based on challenges. So far so good we thank GOD for life.

Happiest moment on the job

Haa. Its when i get paid for a successful job. Once i fix your phone and you like it. Maybe after two months you are just passing by and you tell me your phone is still functioning. Ehen that’s when I’m always happy most.

Embarrassing situation you found yourself

There was a day that i gave a customer price, and on getting to the market the price had gone up. Even to call her I was like how do i do it. there’s nothing l can do but to return your money. To me it’s embarrassing because i dont like giving you price and then call you back that its not that amount again
Even the person will be looking that are you a novice. you should know these price

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How have you seen the hand of GOD in your business?

There’s nothing you do in this life that if there’s no GOD in it its not going to move anywhere. From day 1 till now I’ve seen different things. Even at home you’ll be doing fine, you understand, once you are doing well and your business is doing fine, thank GOD. Iyen tie lo far.
Olorun seun we thank GOD

Plans for the future

To get a bigger place, i want to be selling accessories myself because i dont like the quality that they’re bringing in. You know the way they bring nonsense for us in this country is not good at all. Goods, that’s my next plan now inshAlllah.

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