Boko Haram Attacked Gov. Zulum’s Convoy, Not Army-Spokesman


The Defense Headquarters of Nigerian Army, has yesterday said that the
attack on Governor Babagana Zulum of Borno state; was not in any way a
military sabotage.
The denial was made, following the conclusion of an investigation on
attack pledged by Spokesman of Army, Col. Sagir Musa last Thursday; in
Piqued by ‘Wednesday afternoon attack,’ the Governor however, accused
Army of being responsible for the alleged raid on his convoy in Baga.
But the Spokesman of Defense Headquarters, Maj-Gen. John Enenche,
however, said: “We have investigated the Governor’s claims and found
to be false.”
Zulum also insisted stating that; “Some elements in the Army; are
trying to frustrate the effort of the government in ending the
insurgency. President Muhammadu Buhari needs to know the truth.”
Continued; “Let me also re-echo my previous position with respect to
the level of insurgency in Borno State, I earlier said that the
gravity of the insurgency cannot be compared with what has happened
between 2011 to 2015, and 2015 to date. Yes, it’s true. The President
has done well.
“But there’s sabotage in the system that will not allow the insurgency
to end; the President has to know this very important point.”
Speaking on Wednesday during an interview on Channels Television,
Enenche absolved the military of any complacency.
He said contrary to Zulum’s claims, the attack was not sabotaged by
the military.  He added that investigations commenced based on how
weighty the allegations were and findings clearly indicated that the
governor’s claims were false.
While conducting the investigations, he said: “We investigated it
immediately and the strategic level is cleared of that, operational
level cleared of that, the tactical level is cleared of that.
“We analyzed the video. Even from the gunshot, the way it all played
out, you will discover from the sound of the gunshot that it is not
conventional weapons that we use.
“From the habit from that analysis, it was purely that of the enemy in
that area – Boko Haram (BHTs). From the tactics, from the maneuvers
exhibited, it was theirs. From the search conducted, it was purely
According to himn, the fears of the Military High Command were allayed
after 48 hours.
While insisting that the attack on Governor Zulum was not sabotaged on
any of the troops in the theatre of war, he said that the issue will
be handled by the Stakeholders.
He reiterated the commitment of the Armed Forces in ridding the nation
of the myriads of security challenges in the nation


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