By Janet Mba Afolabi Lagos, Nigeria.

Modern life is not meant to be easy it provides plenty to be worried about. The economy is bad. At work you worry whether you will be laid off. What will you do without a job?

Back home in the evening. It is time for news. Most of what you hear is about war, hunger and violence everywhere. So much trouble in the world. Then you start suffering from constant tension, headache or feeling tired all the time.

You feel powerless, worn-out unable to deal with the smallest dilemma. You feel like you can’t do anything so you don’t.

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It is a totally unproductive way to spend the rest of your life. And that is something you need to change, starting immediately.

If you do not stop worrying, it could lead to clinical condition called anxiety disorder. People with this disorder worry about multiple problems at the same time, including things they have little or no control over, such as weather or a nuclear war.

Worry can lead to poor sleep, restlessness and irritability. But the psychological toil is usually the most devastating people who worry can not concentrate. They get headaches and may not be able to efficently confront and resolve their problems.

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Its one thing to think about your problems. It’s another to let them dominate your thoughts. Psychologists suggest setting aside some minutes a day, to focus on your worry and to think of solutions to the problems.


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