Monday , December 17 2018
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It’s a pleasure to have this column to reach you weekly. I am a relationship coach and counsellor. Many who have had the opportunity of reading my message or being my ministration have results, which include purposeful living and joyful relationship.

Today we’ll look at the topic, “Beware of little foxes”. Songs of Solomon talked about the role of little foxes.

There are a number of “little foxes” those in love relationship, especially courtship, need to watch out for while preparing for the wedding. The wedding is the bridge between courtship and marriage, if you have chosen to have a ceremony.

First let me point out that courtship is not a time when you find out whether the man or woman is God’s will or right for you; you enter into courtship, after making a decision that this is your man or woman. So, courtship is the time when you prepare for formalising or legalising your union. So when issues spring up, don’t take them as red flags to opt out but as little foxes that must be driven away or put to death so they do not destroy your fresh grapes. This message will be multi-part; feel free to post your comment and questions.

What the Bible says:

Song of Songs 2:15: “Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes” (KJV). “Catch the foxes for us, yes, the little foxes! They are ruining the vineyards when our vineyards are in bloom!” (CJB).

Most Old Testament scholars agree that the vineyards in this verse represent Solomon and the Shulammite’s love. When we make the decision to get married and start planning for the wedding, everything appears perfect; there is love in our hearts and heads and smell of love all around us. But the moment we leave the planning stage and enter the action stage, we begin to see little foxes in our love yard. In the verse, the Shulammite warns Solomon of their presence i.e. external pressures..

Usually the woman sees or spies the little foxes earlier but her approach and his strategies matter. While seemingly harmless, little foxes can sneak through fences, and are capable of digging holes and passages that loosen the soil around the vines, preventing them from developing a stable root system. We can equate that root system to our emotions or love, which is at the very foundational stage just before marriage; like blooming grapes, is very tender.

What are they?

Foxes are proverbial symbols of destroyers, the little foxes symbolise problems, challenges etc. which may start out as being minor but can grow to become the monster we blame the death of our love for, if we don’t catch, drive or put them to death.

The two most common foxes for those in courtship are gossips and arguments.
By God’s grace, I’ll be here again next week with to continue this 3-part message. Feel free to send your relationship questions via Together we can make your marital journey a joyful one. Dr. Omolola Omoteso is a minister who is passionate about sharing God’s words for the healing of others. @DCMatureSingles.


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